Sumaiya Rahman


I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the University of Surrey, expecting to graduate at the end of 2019.

My research explores absolute intergenerational mobility in the UK, investigating the trends over time, the differences across income distribution and potential repercussions in the society.

I am currently working on:

  • Falling Absolute Intergenerational Mobility Joint work with Jo Blanden and Stephen Machin

    Abstract: We present the trend in absolute mobility among 30 year old individuals in the UK for the 1963 to 1987 birth cohorts, using a new methodology by Chetty et al (2017) that accounts for data limitations using simple assumptions. We find that absolute mobility in the UK has plummeted over the last decade, mainly due to the fall in real earnings since the Great Recession. More than 60 percent of children born in 1978 earned as much or more than their fathers; a decade later, only about 41 percent of children do so - a decline of 22 percentage points. Our counterfactual simulations show that if real weekly earnings had continued to grow at just 2 percent annually since the Great Recession, absolute mobility could have been maintained at around 60 percent.

    Our preliminary work has been reported in various places: LSE Business Review, RES Media Briefings, University of Surrey Media Page and Daily Mail.

  • Trends in Absolute Income Mobility in European and North American Countries Joint work with Robert Manduca, Maximilian Hell, Adrian Adermon, Jo Blanden, Espen Bratberg, Keun Bok Lee, Stephen Machin, Martin Munk, Martin Nybom, Yuri Ostrovsky and Outi Sirnio
  • The Impact of Childhood Malnutrition: Evidence from the 1991 Flood in Bangladesh

I can be reached by email at